AireWorks Solutions Indoor Dust Collectors

Indoor Dust Collectors

AireWorks Solutions has a wide range of indoor filters for applications in wood working, panel board, plastic, metal, paper and other industries.

FX-Filter Series

The quietest open indoor dust collector you can purchase. Compact dust collector systems, that provides consistent and effective air filtration.
  • Filter type: Bags
  • Filter volume: Min 1,400 CFM up to 5,000 CFM
  • Cleaning system: Manuel
  • Material discharge: Waste Barrels, Bags, Dump Hopper or through Air Lock


HD Filter Setup

FX Filter setup with three waste drop positions

Dual Dump Hopper Setup

Single Dump Hopper Setup

Air Lock to Dump Hopper Setup


High Vacuum Dust Filter Series

High Vacuum Series for serious vacuuming. Units comes in portable and fixed installed configurations.


Indoor Dust Filtration Series

Large selection of quiet indoor dust filter units. Units comes with automatic filter media cleaning.